Short Stories

Looking for a quick read that packs a punch?

These short story collections and anthologies are full of speculative fiction goodness.

Zoo of the Dead & Other Horrific Tales

Looking for something short, fun and delightfully creepy to read?

Zoo of the Dead & Other Horrific Tales. 9 flash and short stories that are full of zombie detectives, monstrous mothers-in-law and Death dates.

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Return to Hades and Other Adventures

A time cell. A dying alien. A former slave, desperate to get answers.

Ebony, fugitive, with only the lonely life of a space dog scavenging in the junk belt to return to. A time travel technology that can kill. New perspectives. Old enemies. Any room for hope?

Will Ebony find peace, or will she regret her return to Hades?

A collection of 12 fantasy, horror and science fiction stories. Time travel with a space dog. Search for a missing child with a woman who can hear the song of creation. Find out where a leprechaun really keeps his gold. Get lost in worlds that will thrill, entertain and leave you wanting more.


The authors that brought you Discovery bring you a new collection of stories centered around the idea of Hope – something we have all needed this troubled year. This new anthology brings together an international selection of short stories by writers from four continents (America, Europe, Africa, and Australia). The 25 stories here showcase many genres including fantasy, horror, science fiction, microfiction and suspense – but share the theme of Hope.

Contains Iseult Murphy’s science fiction short story, Who Wants to go for a Walk?

One of the most assured and thought-provoking writers of short horror and fantasy today.


Iseult Murphy started writing at 4 years old and finished her first novel at 12. She lives in Ireland with a variety of animal friends.

She is a member of the Horror Writers Association and the Alliance of Independent Authors.

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